Friday, October 24, 2014

Word of the Week: Respite

By noon on Monday I already knew that my school plans for the early part of the week were simply not going to be happening. Not because of anything negative, I could just see the resistance, the desire to do anything else. And when that manifests in my kiddos, I take it pretty seriously, because, after all, our "school" involves a great deal of fun, so when they are drained, it's a sign that they truly need a break.

So I gave them one. We took the whole week off, instead of just Thursday and Friday as I had planned.

They loved it. Monday afternoon was spent mostly taking turns playing on my computer. I made cake.

Tuesday the kids got new bikes. We had been waiting for the weather to cool, and the time felt right, and the day, sort of perfect. They love them.

Grace is still trying to bravely learn to balance and ride without training wheels, which is going to take some time, but she's working very hard at it.

Zak is in complete sensory heaven on a bike. I had forgotten how instantly regulating it is for him. He is different after he rides, calm, organized. His motor slows for just a little while.

The helmet alone was worth the entire investment for Kit. Crazy cute! And her tiny balance bike is so light, even she can easily lift it and move it from one place to another. And it came with a bell. I mean, there is no word for the exponential adorableness of this child and her bicycle.

And to make a great week even better. Their time off led right into mine.

My amazing hubby bestowed upon me the most perfect gift. Four nights, by myself, in a cabin in the woods. I'm not sure he even understands how perfect a present this is for me. I have a huge stack of books, a fridge full of fruits and veggies (and other scrumptious ingredients to cook without timelines or children melting down as they bicker and a three year old tries to climb me as I attempt to drain pasta), coffee, tea, fuzzy slippers, a deck with a view of nothing but trees, and Gilmore Girls on DVD.

I love my family fiercely. I will always strive to meet the needs of those I love as best as is within my reach. And because of that love,  and to sustain my ablilities to be able to continue supporting these amazing people, I will take this time to nurture myself as well. They have many busy plans to keep them occupied and happy while I'm here. We will all be giddy when I return. So I feel no guilt, just gratefulness for this much needed and deeply beloved...


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Good morning friends!

I'm very pleased to share with you this link over  to Jocelyn at The Reading Residence so you can read her Blog Lowdown!

Yes, I have had the wonderful privilege of being featured, so please head over there to read the whole interview. And while you're there, check out a few of her other posts and features as well. She's a super sweet mama, with a great blog!

Thank you, Jocelyn! It was fun.