Monday, February 8, 2016

A Barefoot Princess

So I was going through old drafts, "cleaning house" so to speak, and I found this precious gem that got left behind. It was just the pictures, I hadn't written anything with it yet, don't even remember what if anything I was going to.

Several things I love about these pictures. 

One, she has baby hands and toes in them, her hands and feet are growing and looking like big girl feet lately, and usually have several colors of fingernail polish on alternating nails. 

Two, the dress in these pics doesn't fit her anymore, but, we have the exact same dress in a size 5, which heartbreakingly, does not look as gigantic on her as it feels like it should. 

Three, she still runs barefoot least some things haven't changed.


  1. Beautiful Baby Girl ��

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