Thursday, February 5, 2015

Busy Bag: Clothespin Counting

It's been a while since I made a new busy bag. But I have several ideas still swimming around in my head that I've just not had the time and/or energy to sit down and make. However, Thursday Kit was sick, and had moments of the day where she was feeling more mellow, so I took advantage of one of those interludes to put this Busy Bag together.

I call it Clothespin Counting, but there is a lot more happening in this little bag than just counting.

First, I outlined some shapes on construction paper and cut them out. Next, i used a permanent marker to write numbers, starting with one in one corner and then progressing clockwise. On the back, I wrote the name of each shape. On the circle, I numbered it like a clock. Then I laminated the shapes.

Next, I selected 12 clothespins and wrote a number on each one, 1-12.

When we sat down to play with them together, we first talked about the shapes, and identified each one. Then I showed Kit how each number matched up with the numbers on the shapes.

She pretty much took it from there... 

She loves it. I love it. Win, win!