Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Book Review! And Giveaway!!

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Mother Daughter Book Reviews is pleased to be coordinating a Blog Tour for the lower middle grade book "Axel & Theo: My Dog is The Emperor of a Faraway Galaxy" by Amberly Kristen Clowe from June 22 to 28, 2015. This one is a great choice for reluctant readers!


About the Book

Axel and Theo: My Dog is the Emperor of a Faraway Galaxy 

  Title: Axel & Theo: My Dog is the Emperor of a Faraway Galaxy | Author: Amberly Kristen Clowe | Publication Date: November 15, 2014 | Publisher: Smooth Sailing Press | Pages: 44 | Recommended Ages: 6to 10 Summary: Theodore Howard wants a white flag. The kind of white flag that will show Riverwood Elementary’s biggest bully, Theo’s given up on ever surviving the fourth grade, and achieving his dream of becoming a real-life astronaut. But, Theo’s seemingly pathetic future gets a glimmer of hope in the form of a very talkative weenie dog named Axel. Theo learns that his best friend on four legs, is actually an alien from the planet Doglin, and just when he begins warming up to the idea of having an alien for a best friend, Axel is kidnapped by two cats from the planet Catlat. Theo chases after Axel and his kidnappers, embarking on an adventure he could have never imagined.

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 My Thoughts:

I was pretty excited when I was offered the opportunity to review Axel and Theo. A boy who finds out his dog is actually intergalactic royalty was a plot too good to turn down!

It did not disappoint. This novel for young readers is an action packed, swift moving story, that is engaging, yet still easy to follow for young or reluctant readers. The author did a nice job of making the story line and details vivid and logical, with plenty of surprises, but still held her readers in high regard and capable of understanding common references and vocabulary. 

I think a fairly vast age range would find this book enjoyable and could even be one of those books that makes a kid really learn to enjoy reading! An excellent story to have your young reader read aloud to you or another reading buddy (especially of the canine variety!). My creative juices started flowing thinking of all the cool projects that can be done in conjunction with this story, like making intergalactic goo and a pancake tasting, great for homeschool or classroom kiddos alike!

The only thing I would suggest is that the author add a silly checklist game so readers can find out if their dog or cat are earth natives, or alien visitors!

More Buzz About the Book

"When I saw the subheading of this book — My dog is the Emperor of a faraway galaxy, I knew I had to read it. After all, how often do you see a sci-fi kid’s book? Being the sci-fi nut that I am, I couldn't pass this one up. I was not disappointed."~ Shari T., Amazon
"Fun book!! The story is imaginative but told with enough familiar themes to make young ones think, "I can see how this could happen!!" And in a world jam-packed with princesses and girl power, it's nice to see fun stuff for boys, too." ~ Valerie S., Amazon

"What a nice story! Got this for my son and he chuckled through it all. He loved the characters and their adventure. He is looking forward to the next one." ~ Nathalia G., Amazon

"It is a great book! My kids loved it (as did I). I can't wait for the second adventure!" ~ John, Amazon

About the Author: Amberly Kristen Clowe


An avid story writer since elementary school, Amberly Kristen (Krissy) Clowe truly discovered her passion for writing after enrolling in a college, children's literature class, where they read and analyzed children's books. After completing her BA in early childhood education she began her teaching career. "After my first year of teaching second grade, I had so many ideas swirling around in my head, I had to write. I might have gone crazy if I didn't!" Clowe tells. Axel & Theo is the first chapter book series written by Clowe, though she already has two other children's picture books in print, and another due for publication in 2015. Today, her children provide the inspiration to her many stories, along with everything else she loves in life.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Reading!

A little over a month ago we instituted a reading reward program here at home.

We've always been avid readers here. The kids were not highly motivated however to choose many books outside their preferred favorites.

"What is something that you really want?" I asked Grace.

She answered without hesitation.
"Roller skates!"

"Ok, how many books do you think you can read to get roller skates?"

"Um...I don't know, twenty maybe?"

"Hmm...roller skates is a pretty big prize and you are a pretty fast reader. How about, forty books."

"Forty! That's a lot!"

"Yes. But...every ten books I'll give you a smaller prize. And six of each set of ten can be comic or graphic novels like Big Nate."

She thought those were acceptable terms.

Zak, also thought so. His desired prize being a remote controlled drone. Also, his limit for comic or graphic novels is only four for every ten.

Zak has already reached his goal. He is loving his drone!

Grace is still working on hers, she has read twenty-five so far!! And since Zak reached his so fast, I think I am going to surprise her with her reward at thirty instead. 

What this mostly told me is:

1.) Zak needs a much more challenging goal.

2.) I am completely fine with bribing my kids to read. I mean, rewarding them abundantly for something they already enjoy!

3.) They are wholy invested and reading all the time, which is amazing because I thought they read a lot before!

4.) My kids are awesome! (I knew this already, but I love when I get to tell others about it too.)

I have arranged for a book swap with some friends. We have quite a lot of books that the kids are done with and are not treasures stories, so we will trade them in for some new to us books. Its all free and everyone wins!

At the library last week, they were getting set up for the Summer Reading Program. We signed up. Since they are already reading, I figured they may as well get some bonus prizes!

I didn't sign up for the adult program, but I did decide to challenge myself to some summer reading as well.

A couple years ago, I found nearly a dozen Reader's Digest Condensed Books at a thrift shop for twenty-five cents each! I have yet to crack them open, though I love looking at them on my shelves. My goal this summer is to read at least one!

I don't know if I will reward myself, as just getting to read for pleasure is definitely a reward all in itself for me these days.

What will you be reading? Any goals or programs you will be aiming for?