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That is what most mothers have, but we often question it. Doubt it. Too often. The primary care providers for our children tend to question it too. No doubt, they have seen their plenty of fluff-for-brains parents, but that is far from the majority. For those of us who do trust our intuition, we are not often met with smiles and praise, but rather with eye rolls and smirks. Though ruffled, we press on searching for answers. That is what I'm looking for. Answers to my thousands of questions. Solutions. Strategies. And most important, support, for my family and others like us.

We have no official diagnosis, and we may never get one. But I firmly believe that two of my three children have Sensory Processing Disorder. This disorder was new to me, having never heard of it before. However the symptoms and challenges it presents to those affected by it have affected me and my family for years without us knowing that they were symptoms.

We are currently in mass research mode. I'm devouring all the information I can find. I'm reading info provided by professionals and parents alike. I have many more questions than I have answers right now. And I'm new to all of this, the world of SPD and the world of blogging.

This blog is about my family, my children, our life, and how we are affected by the challenges that come with SPD, specifically the sensory seeking aspects that seem to be the primary presentation in both of my kiddos with it. However, it's not specifically about Sensory Processing Disorder, though it is woven throughout our days and nights and years.

I will try to share our triumphs and trials, our highs and lows, but mostly I wish to relate. I want other families to know that to a lesser or greater extent we are here and struggling along down a similar road. I also wish to inform those who, like me had never heard of this. Maybe because of this medium another family some where might not have to wait ten years to find the simple tools and strategies that can make life a lot more manageable and FUN!

I look forward to sharing with you and hearing what you have to say and share as well. My name is Judy. My husband and I have been married 12 1/2 years. We have three awesome kids. A dog. And two parakeets. I will be using nicknames for the rest of my family and any pictures I post will not show their faces. But I do hope that you will get to know them and see how amazing, smart and beautiful they are.

You will get to meet us better in my next post, and seeing as it's now three am and dawn will come, like it or not, I must try to get the few precious hours of sleep I'm permitted by my sleeping beauty of a baby who just so happens to take up an adult size portion of our queen size bed that we can't seem to keep her out of (probably a future post all it's own)! :)


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