Friday, November 28, 2014

Le Petite Chef: Mud Pie

Here it is, as promised, Grace's Mud Pie recipe! She did all the work, I helped explain terms and measurements, stirred at the very end to make sure everything was evenly coated (at her request), and helped hold the pot. She let one of her friends spread the Nutella and add the "dirt" to one of the pies while she did the other. 

This is a very kid friendly recipe, I highly recommend it for ages 8 and up!

The original recipe is in the book The Cooking Book, by Jane Bull.

But we modified it just a bit. Here are our supplies:

3/4 c butter
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 c sugar
1 c graham cracker crumbs
1/2 c dried fruit
1 chocolate bar (we used Nutella spread instead)

We added:

Heath chocolate and toffee bits
Black Sixletts (found in the party aisle)

These are the original measurements, we doubled the recipe though.

Step 1: Crush graham crackers. We used a gallon size zipper bag and a coffee mug (I don't own a rolling pin, ridiculous, I know. But honestly, I think the kids have more fun using coffee mugs!)

Step 2: Take advantage of opportunity for math lesson on fractions. Grace had to figure out how many sticks of butter, 1/2 cup each, we needed for our doubled recipe, 3/4 + 3/4, totaling 1 1/2 cups. We used snap together blocks to make a visual. After that, she was adding fractions like a whiz!

Step 3: Measure out ingredients, more adding of fractions involved.

Step 4: Now to the actual cooking. Melt the butter over very low heat. Remove from heat when completely melted. 

Step 5: Add cocoa powder and sugar and stir until dissolved.

Step 6: Add graham cracker crumbs and dried fruit. Stir until fully coated.

Step 7: Pour into dish lined with aluminum foil.

Grace does not have three hands. I helped hold one side of the pot so she could do the scooping. I wish I had three hands on many days, however.
Step 8: Press mixture into pans. 

Step 9: Wrap remaining foil around edges. I think this helps the crust to hold it's shape more than anything else.

Step 10: Cool in refrigerator for at least two hours. We let ours sit overnight for convenience, not cooling purposes. 

Step 11: Melt chocolate in microwave if using chocolate bars. But in our opinion, Nutella is waaaaay easier as it is spread ready, and it's Nutella, so it is insanely delicious!! Spread chocolate over the the crust.

Step 12: Add whatever toppings you choose. We used Heath crumbles and black Sixletts because they looked more like dirt and rocks, (or rabbit poop, very popular with the kids, ;).

Step 13: Prepare to gain about twelve pounds, because once you start eating this, you cannot stop! It's not physically possible unless you hate chocolate, in which case, why would you even make this?! Anyhoo...consider yourselves warned!

From my Petite Chef to yours, Happy Weekend, everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. I shall give your complements to the chef!

  2. It looks delicious! I like the rabbit poop toppings - we'd call it kangaroo poop though :o) And yes I would definitely gain at least 12 pounds (BTW - I use nutella to ice biscuits, it truly is easier and undeniably tasty)

    1. Ha! Kangaroo poo :) Always nice to meet a fellow chocolate lover!

  3. Oh looks so delicious and like you all have fun making it together too. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Happy Holidays #sharewithme