Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quite Simply, Very Complicated

This, is my baby girl.
She's getting bigger everyday, but we still call her Baby.
She's, amazing!
She loves animals...
Petting a horsey for the first time.
She can climb on practically anything, the more precarious the better!
She loves dolls, and is a very good little mama...
As long as they don't wear any clothes.
She has the wispiest curls ever!
She LOVES water! She can literally play in it for hours.
 That makes her a very good helper with the dishes!
She also LOVES to play outside! Swinging is her favorite, but sliding and digging for buried treasure are also awesome
So then, it makes perfect sense why she is a huge fan of the beach.
Outside, water, and lots of sand castles to raid and destroy! 
She also gets very excited about bubbles! She's still trying to learn how to blow them, but she's an expert at popping them!
She likes unusual toys. Like hangers in the bathtub. She puts them on her legs and says:
"Wim! Wim! Wim!"
That means 'swim' in baby.
She sees the world a little differently.
She notices things that others might miss.
Like how Auntie's magnetic picture frame looks way cooler with ladybugs in it than plain old pictures! 
Or how nice my candles look on top of the basket instead of crammed together inside it. 
She delights in pretty things, like glass beads, marbles, and anything that sparkles or spins.
She is especially fond of lining up her treasures. They look prettier that way.
Wouldn't you agree?
She also has a sweet spot for shapes, which includes letters and numbers! This probably means she'll be much better at math than me. I can live with that, because it also likely means that she will easily learn to read, and that is a passion I love to share with all my family.
  She is bright, funny, curious, sensitive and...
Yes, my bubbly bundle of joy has both some extraordinary gifts, as well as some challenges due in large part to High Functioning Autism.
Now that we finally know, we can continue to embrace and foster the gifts, and better learn to identify and hopefully sooth some of the challenges.
But I think that along this journey, she is going to be doing a lot of the teaching. So I hope we prove to be good students.
And, most important, really good listeners. 
Because what she has to say...
 ...comes strait from her heart.


  1. I love this sweet Baby! And all of you! So glad that you're finally getting access to the resources you've been wanting. You speak from your heart, too, and I love reading what you say. See you in a few days!

  2. Cute "BABY"
    Beach prints are adorable!