Friday, October 4, 2013

Twinkle Toes

So Wednesday, our air conditioning stopped conditioning our air. Thankfully this happened now and not in the middle of August! It still easily made it to about 88 degrees in here yesterday though, so we took the day off from our school/house work. None of us work well when we are grouchy and hot.
Instead, Grace pretended to open a spa and she and Kit rubbed lotion on my feet and painted my nails, to quote Grace, "sparkly blue"!
Then I gave Zak permission to play his phone while we girls curled up next to the fans and watched a tear jerker chick flick.
Later after it had cooled off a bit I moved one of the fans to the kitchen and washed up the dishes and chatted with Victor. I, naively, believed that Kit was in the living room watching Olivia.
I was wrong.
She was busy in the kid's room. She came to the kitchen to show me her pretty piggies.

She had found the jar of silver glitter absentmindedly left on the kids dresser by one of the big kids.  The extra humidity in the house made the glitter stick very nicely to her feet, legs, arms, back, hair! Ahhhh! She decided to make a few other things ''sparkly'' as well...
And an entire basket of CLEAN laundry!
She got an immediate hose down and played in the bath, then later after her snack, she was apparently very, very tired...
A little cat nap on the bench. So adorable!
Thankfully, the glitter is vacuumed, mostly, the a/c is working again, and all the little people are finally asleep...for the night.
Wishing everyone a very sparkly weekend!

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  1. Good Gracious, LOL!! Glitter is irresistible when your little! So glad the vacuum's working again - it would have been horrible if it had exploded out of the tube as things had on a previous occasion! Imagine Grandpa then, lol.