Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Good news!
Our sweet little rescue kitty, Ivan, had his check up with the vet Monday. He's a bit of a celebrity there, everyone is so excited to see him, pet his healthy kitten chunkiness, and check out his eyes. They are as happy as I am that he is growing and healing so well.

He got his vaccinations, which is a big deal, because the vet originally never saw him making it that far.
He gained 1 1/2 pounds since his visit three weeks ago!

And best of all, she was really excited by how amazing his eyes looked. All the swelling is gone, no infections, and he can open and close both his eyes now with no trouble whatsoever! The eyes are healing and as the scar tissue continues to grow, it provides more and more protection against further infection.
She said that he no longer is in danger from the damage, and so as long as they do not develop recurring and uncomfortable infections, then he doesn't need surgery anymore!

He checked out otherwise perfectly healthy. And we couldn't be happier for him!

He is very well loved here by everyone. But, perhaps, both of them being toddlers gives Kit and Ivan an extra special bond.
Every morning when Kit wakes up, she used to say "MOMMY!", now she squeals "CAT! CAT!"
And as soon as Ivan hears her he jumps over me and clamors to her, stands up against her chest and rubs his cheeks against her over and over, licking and purring like a little motor. It is the cutest. Thing. Ever!


  1. I especially love the casual crossed legs!! Oh, the life!

  2. very cute CAT! CAT! :)
    Beautiful ending and beginning to Ivan's life with your family.