Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wishy Washy

So, one of the hiccups in our laundry process is that when the kids try to wash a load, they become paralyzed when it comes to the settings and knobs.

We have a stacking unit, so all the knobs are on one panel. Convenient for me. But baffling for my children.

And each knob has no less than five settings to choose from.

My kids go cross-eyed looking at them, and brains shut down.

Me telling them which settings to put it on does not help. And going in there to show them partly defeats the purpose of them doing it themselves.

And even after they seem to have figured it out. A week or more goes by until they wash clothes again, and everyone knows, kids don't remember what settings turn on the washing machine. They can recite 112 different episodes of Sponge Bob word for word, in multiple character's voices,  with full descriptions of background and costumes, BUT, they will forget where to turn the knobs to turn on the washing machine every time. Priorities, you know.


I fixed it! 


  1. :) :) :) :) Great Fix!!

  2. Very cute. We use little hearts on ours. But really who does not like smiles. :)