Saturday, December 20, 2014

Book Review: Trouble Blows West

I recieved a free pdf copy for the purpose of review. I have not been otherwise compensated. All thoughts and opinions expressd herein are entirely my own.

Ginnie West leaps before she looks when the school bully Pierce Owens tries to pick a fight with her twin brother. Besides getting suspended for fighting, and the consequences that brings from her dad, her brother is less than happy at her chivalry. Not to mention how angry Pierce is after being bested by a girl in the middle of the cafeteria. Ginnie and Toran come face to face with some big choices. What makes a bully? Can a bully change? Do they deserve a second chance?

I like the character development in this second Ginnie West Adventure, all the main characters are faced with difficult choices, and navigate some very harsh realities.

There are some intense scenes between Pierce and his dad. But, this book can be a really good way to open up a dialogue between kids and parents/teachers about subjects like violence, bullying, and domestic abuse.

Again, I appreciate the respecful relationships expected in the West family.

Again, I feel the pictures deter from story, not allowing it to be taken as seriously.

And again, I felt that Buzz and a few others were unnecessary characters, just more people to keep track of.

But overall, this book talks about real life issues in a way I think young readers can relate to, and can really get them thinking about their own actions. I recommend it for ages 10+.

I give it three stars.


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