Saturday, January 24, 2015

Indoor S'mores

Hi everyone. Sorry about just sort of dropping out of the blogosphere for a while there.

I don't want to go into the details of the last month, suffice it to say I've been bled of all energy and the demands for it have only multiplied. Blegh!

So I had to let things go in order to better focus my energies on the things of highest priority, my family. That included blogging for a while. I hope to get back to it it more regularly soon, but for today, here is a recipe that I originally found on Pinterest, but tweaked, and I think improved.

We call them Indoor S'mores, and they are amazing!

Here are the ingredients:

  • Non-stick Muffin Tin
  • Ready to bake Sugar or Snickerdoodle cookies. We prefer the Snickerdoodle. A package of these contains 24 cookies, so you could either make just a few, or the whole batch if desired.
  • Nutella
  • Marshmallows, little or regular size both work. I've used both and I prefer the large ones as they stay in the middle of the cookie better, making it easier to remove from the muffin tin.
  • Crushed graham crackers (optional), we made ours by putting a couple crackers in a zipper bag and crushing with a coffee cup.
  • Chocolate - bars, chips, kisses, of whatever variety you choose all work, though I didn't like the chips as they didn't stick well to the marshmallow. We've tried various kinds, Krackle, Butterfinger Bites, Andes Mints, and regular milk chocolate Hershey's. The original Hershey's tends to be the favorite, though I really like the Andes mints with them, but I am a mint person. I would still like to try AlmondJoy, Mounds, and peanut butter cups with these.

Step one: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Step two: While the oven is heating up. Place one cookie in each muffin cup according to the number you want to make. If you are making less than six, the cooking times might need to be adjusted down by a few minutes, so check on them frequently so they do not overcook.

Step three: When oven is ready, bake cookies in muffin tin for approximately 11 minutes. Then remove from oven and set on a heat resistant surface. The cookies will not be completely cooked. Do not remove from muffin tin.

Step four: If using graham cracker crumbs, pour 1/4 teaspoon onto each cookie and spread gently.

Step five: Add a dollop of Nutella, about 1 teaspoon, on each cookie on top of the graham cracker crumbs.

Step six: Press five mini marshmallows or half of one large one into the Nutella in center of cookie.

Step seven: Put back in oven and let cook for 3 minutes more. Then remove from heat and turn off oven.

Step eight: Place once piece of chocolate of choice on top of each marshmallow (or group of mini marshmallows). Allow to cool for at least ten minutes (but we like to let them sit longer, at least 30 or more).

Step nine: Devour, and delight in chocolaty marshmallow cookie goodness!! Faces and fingers may get quite sticky, but these are sure to bring a smile to little faces and make a great-just-in-from-the-cold kind of snack.

Keep cozy, everyone!

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