Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Good Times

What do we do here all day?
Well, on any given day one might find:
A baby who colors herself two-tone...

A  boy writing a poem on a roll of tape, about writing a poem on a roll of tape...

Fantastic architectural sculpures (this one by Grace)...

A toddler giddy with excitement at having more colored hangers added to her bath...

Throw in Grandpa arguing with Daddy about American Idol (which is really The X Factor right now), and telling him how much he hates the show, and would Victor like to come watch with him?
Somewhere in there we usually manage to feed our brood, convince them for the 9,457th time that they really don't want their permanent teeth to fall out before they have even reached adulthood and so should brush them, scriptures, prayers, and hugs and kisses for the big kids, and two parents who are very happy to say goodnight to them (someday we will do this for all three at the same time!).
Then wrap it all up with one or two episodes of Star Trek (which of course Grandpa won't watch), and the baby who occasionally is roused to her feet, raises her tiny arms up high, and shouts triumphantly..."DABO!!"
Yeah, these are good times, eh?!
Hope all of you are splendid too!


  1. talented kids! lol
    no really very cute

  2. the tape poem is excellent! Great picture of baby belly :-)

  3. DABO!! Luv it! I'll always think of that when we play Yatzee now, lol. :) And hooray for the improved and successful bedtime routine - you are both doing an awesome job! :)