Monday, March 31, 2014

April - Autism Awareness Month

It's not an epidemic.

It's not a disease.

It's not a death sentence. Nor even necessary a life sentence.

It is hard.

It is different.

It can even be scary at times.

But if you look deeper, there is amazing beauty.

I choose to focus on the beauty!

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  1. It is easy to put autism as a scary "Disease" we see hurting many of our kids. Ppl forget that children are all different and we just need to treat each child as different regardless if he or she has autism. To be a good parent, friend or relative, reaching out to learn about our children's special needs and wants is the key to helping them grow into honest god loving ppl. Which you help us be educated about. Keep it up blogger.
    I enjoyed reading your blog and the beauty you bring through your pictures and words. Many good suggestions and links also. :)