Monday, March 10, 2014

Bowl Me Over

We went bowling.

It went much smoother than the last time which ended in tears and leaving early.

Zak beat us all both games in a row!

Kit only tried to run down the lanes a couple of times. But she LOVED the dinosaur thing to use as a slide when she wasn't using it to help get her ball to the pins! Between that and lining up the balls as they came back, she was mostly content to stick close by and not bolt as much as before. Her squeals of joy when she pushed the ball down the lane could have shattered glass, but were so crazy happy! And she was the best cheerleader! Clapping and telling everybody, "Great job!!"

Grace is the cutest thing ever bowling, but we can't laugh out loud at her adorableness because she gets embarrassed and mad. Which I totally understand. So we quietly chuckled to ourselves at her undeniable style and flare! Which is what makes her her!

And to everyone's surprise, Grandpa not only enjoyed watching, but asked to play! And even picked up a spare! I'm sure he'll be asking for days when we are going again. :)

And we definitely figured out that we have a one game limit. We want to be able to play two games, but right now we just can't handle it. There was a lot of crying, disorganization, and short tempers for the remainder of the evening after two games. And that was just me! 

We can do one longer game, all sharing a lane, with snack breaks. And that's it for now. 

But that is good. 

And we all can still have a fun time. 

Without major meltdowns. 


So now we have an even better plan!



  1. Awesome, indeed! What a wonderful timeless family fun activity. All ages, all speeds. Just right. Skill, no skill, all good.

  2. Bowling is fun. Cute Pics. Bowl me over is a clever funny title :D.

  3. Me and my family enjoy bowling so much. We try to go weekly. Still NO good though lol! Good family fun :)