Friday, May 9, 2014

Conversation Vacation

Scene: Victor is is the recliner. Zak is sitting with him, mostly on the arm of the recliner. They are playing games together on Victor's phone.

Victor: Is that a patch in your jeans?

Zak: Yeah.

Victor: Huh...did your mom put that on?

Zak: (sort of snorts) No! Mommy never puts patches on! She just buys new pants. Well, not new pants, but Goodwill.  These are hand-me-downs.

He made me laugh at the spot on truth of his statement. Yup. I've yet to meet a pair of pants that can last longer than two months on that boy without wearing clean through the knees. That's too often to be hauling out the iron just to fix something he's going to shred again by the time I turn around. Almost all we have ever gotten with patches already there he managed to tear through around the edges of the patch anyway.  We keep a couple good pairs for when we go out and holes are innapropriate, but at home, he can wear the ones with holes. At $3-4 per pair, that's letting a boy be a boy without breaking the bank. And it makes me so grateful that we don't have to buy school uniforms, cuz those wouldn't last a week on my kiddo.


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