Thursday, May 29, 2014

Getting a Little Support

I spent two and a half hours on the phone yesterday evening with an incredibly skilled and patient customer service representative, fixing the problems on my computer that I have been struggling with for several months now, and spent $80 to have only partially fixed elsewhere.

The problems themselves were caused by a different and abhorrently unskilled and impatient cutomer service representative, who failed to really investigate and troubleshoot a minor error, and instead felt the best way to kill a spider was to blow up the house.

Well after blowing up my computer, the error was still there! Because, of course, the problem wasn't the house, it was the spider, which happened to be in the yard!

After hours, litteraly of searching, looking up technical terms, and scouring forums, I not only identified the problem, but also solved it.

Great. I now had only one thing on my computer working, while everything else was either missing, not not working.

I attempted several methods to recover my computer, all to no avail. So I paid the "experts" to fix it for me. And they partly did.

Out of utter exhaustion and fighting back the tears I called technical support. I made it very clear why I was in this prediciment to begin with, and that I just want my computer to work again the way it's supposed to.

And soon the technology angel came on the line and fixed all of my computer problems. She even set up my wireless printer remotely and laughed with me when my kids were in the background saying words like 'poopy'.

She was the surprise in the cereal box, and the sun beam through the storm cloud.

I hope that she had a fantastic evening after we hung up, and that when she snuggled her five year old into bed, they maybe had a good laugh about the crazy lady his mommy helped whose kids were over heard shouting about who was 'poopy'!

(It was Kit by the way, and she was harrasing the big kids following them around as they squealed whenever she chimed, "I'm poopy!" Please rest assured, Victor quickly corrralled her and neutralized the Code Brown.)

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  1. So WONDERFUL to know there REALLY IS knowledgable, competent technical help Out There!! In the Ether somewhere!! (Somewhere, out there....)♥
    Glad it's fixed!