Monday, October 20, 2014

Toy Review: H2O-La-La

I have not been compensated in any way to provide this review.(Except with loads of fun.) 

We got our container of H2O-la-la as part of Kit's Preschool Curriculum back in August. It took us a while to pull it out and discover that it totally ROCKS!!

H2O-la-la are fizzy color tablets that can be added to bathwater, or any other container of water to make crisp, bright colored water!

The container contains a combined total of 300 large and small tablets that, according to the packaging, "fizz, swirl, and color the water!"

And that is indeed what these amazing little tablets do!

The tablets are "kid safe, lab tested, no soap or fragrance". But the label still warns that the tablets are not to be eaten. This product is labeled for kids 3+, so use caution with younger children, especially if they like to drink the bathwater.

We love them. Kit loves them. She loves choosing a color for her bath each night!

The tablets come in the three primary colors, yellow, red, and blue. But they can be combined in multiple ways to make several other colors and shades.

Kit's first bath was "pink!". We used first one, then added a second large red tablet to make the color even richer. Kit loved it. But I didn't get any pictures of that one as I only was able to glimpse into the bathroom on my way out the door leaving Daddy in charge of bath time.

I did get to oversee her green bath though. We started out with one large blue tablet. When the tablet hits the water, it immediately starts to fizz, much like Alka-Seltzer tablets, and release a stream of color which indeed does sort of swirl around.

After the blue was well mixed, I added a yellow tablet. Kit was delighted and giggled and squealed as the water gradually developed spots of green amidst the blue. She lay down on her belly and wiggled and splashed, acting as a human mixer. The water turned bright green! Like green eggs and ham! It was awesome! 

Friday, she got a purple bath. We started out with two large red tablets to made the water a rich pink. Then we added two large blue tablets. It was beautiful to see one side of the tub a lovely rosy pink, while the other side was turning lavender and the colors swirled and mixed.

The end result was the perfect purple! 

She asked for a purple bath again the next day. And this time we put both a red large tablet and a large blue tablet in the water at the same time. The tap was still running to fill the tub, so the resulting swirls were so pretty!

The end color was a bit blue still, so we added a second large red tablet, and the purple this time was a lighter lavender rather than the royal of the night before, but Kit was happy.

Watching the tablets dissolve.
I'm trying to convince Kit to let us make orange, but she's currently in a purple phase.

A word of caution: The tablets release a high dose of heavy color once wet. When Kit picked the tablets up out of the water, the color soaks the skin. I always made her put them back in the water and after a few minutes in the bath water, her hands were completely color free, but it could probably stain the skin for longer if it isn't washed off immediately. When the bath is saturated however, there were no traces of color on her skin upon getting out, even after a relatively long bath, about 30 minutes. Nor was there any staining on the towels we used to dry her off with or to mop up her happy splashes.

Grace used these as a color experiment in jars with water as well. This is definitely a versatile and fun tool and toy.

But they can also be purchased from Amazon.

Your kids will love these. And they are great for sensory seekers like mine, but I suspect they could convince even the most reluctant bather to give it a try.

These have certainly made a big splash around here!!


  1. What fun! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I can't wait to see Orange!!

    1. Me neither! It's funny that she's not been as interested in making orange, but pink and purple are her favorites!

  3. Wow. Need to try them immediately with my kiddos.
    Thanks for sharing :)