Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Person of Interest: Erin Clemens

Erin Clemens is a remarkable young woman whom I've gotten to know a little bit through an Autism support network as well as her blog.

Erin found out she had Asperger's in her teenage years. According to her writing, she would have much preferred  to find out even younger. She had many of struggles growing up, but determination, learning to listen to her own body signals and feelings, and a supportive family have helped her find much success as well.

In her writings, and I'm sure in person as well, she is frank and open about how becoming familiar with her Asperger's has contributed to her struggles and her triumphs.

Erin is certainly a unique individual, but she is one of many who is leading a successful, fulfilling, though not quite challenge-free life as an adult on the Autism Spectrum. But then, do any of us really have a challenge-free life? 

One of her biggest passions is to help educate others about Autism, and supporting those on the spectrum. One of the ways she did so recently was by participating in a TEDx event:

I have appreciated getting to know Erin a bit through her blog especially. And I hope you enjoyed metting her as well!

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