Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Library Love

Saturday is our Library Day.

We go every week when possible. Everybody loves it.

We have two bags now that we take with us. Returns. And Recheck.

Daddy goes down the list calling out titles, and little people scurry around the house digging books from under pillows and piles of paper, matching DVDs with the correct covers, and sweeping arms under the couch in search of strays.

Kit squeals with delight as she asks every person in the family if "you're coming too?" and we all say "YES!"

Even Grandpa is easy to get out the door on Library day.

Upon arrival, Daddy sees to the business of returning items, picking up orders that have arrived, and rechecking the ones we aren't quite finished with.

The rest of us fan out in search of this week's adventures.

The rule is the kids must select at least one item before getting on the computers. Really, this is mostly a rule for Grace. While not our biggest techie at home, she LOVES the computers at the Library. So after bringing her selections to the table, that is where she heads, usually with Kit close on her heals if not already trying to hack her way into one.

Zak on the other hand, spends a great deal of time browsing the shelves, turning pages, and often settling into a chair to dig into one of his selections before we even check out. He spends little if any time on the computers, which is funny considering he would eat sleep and breathe electronics at home if he were allowed.

I usually select several titles for Kit. I love that our Library allows us to check out board books! But I choose a few "real" books as well. Some we read together during the day, some she and Daddy read together at nap and bed time. We have found some real treasures and treats.

Because she loves all things ABC!
One of our new all time favorites!

Many times, the kids crack the spines as soon as seat belts buckle. We go and get a snack or lunch and head to a park or beach for some playtime before heading home.

It often looks like a media bomb went off in our kitchen after our Library trips, as books and movies are scattered across the floor in search of favorites and new ones.

And at the end of the day, everyone snuggles into bed with a new or beloved friend and reads until eyes are heavy.

And that, I do believe, 

Is what dreams are made of...

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