Friday, April 4, 2014

Better Ways to Learn

Here's part two of your weekend homework. :)

The first video has some amazing facts about the origin of public school and why this model is absolutely ineffective and actually harmful for today's and tomorrow's students.

The second is from the perspective of a young person whose parents chose to pull him from public school and how he feels about it.

Not all families in our modern age can logistically homeschool.  Some simply must have both parents working. Some are single parent families whose jobs and life circumstances simply do not allow room for it. Some families have illness or other obstacles. That is why I, and so many others, feel like the modern education model in public schools should be based on modern needs.

School is not the devil necessarily. But the majority of young people exiting these institutions have not been given an education that equips them to deal with modern life. And college is not doing substantially better in that department either. And what saddens me most it that at the peak of these individuals creativity, energies, and hunger for life learning, they are being squashed and deadened to the things they care about most.

It is easy to keep the fire going once it's burning, but so difficult to reignite once it has been doused!

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