Friday, January 11, 2013

Bilibos and...the 'Bucket'



Yeah, weird name...awesome toy!

I was disappointed that I didn't get to see the kids open them. I was busy refolding clean clothes that Grandpa was pulling out of the plastic bin I keep Victor's extra clothes in. Grandpa gets confused about what is his and what is ours. I had just brought him his clean laundry and was starting to put it away in his drawers. He went to the bucket to get me more clothes that he thought were his and needed washing. He starts pulling them out of the bin, unfolding each item and laying it on the bed. The conversation went something like this: (Grandpa speaks with a heavy Spanish accent, btw.)

"Okay, this is another one. It needs washed. Yes?"

"No, that's Victor's shirt. Yours are right here. I'm putting them in this drawer." (Organizing drawer so similar items are together.)

"No? This is mine?"

"No, that is Victor's. Yours are here in these drawers"

"Okay. It's Victor's. You wash it okay?"

"Yes, it's Victor's. I already washed it. It's clean. We can leave it there."

"Oh, it's washed already? Okay." (Lays shirt on bed. Pulls out next clothing item. Unfolds and holds it up to examine.) "Okay, this is mine. You wash it okay?"

"That is Victor's also." (Picking up first shirt.)

"This is Victor's also?"

"Yes, that is Victor's"

"Okay. It's Victor's. You wash it for him." (Lays it on bed. Pulls out next item. Unfolds. Holds up.)

"Yes, I already washed it for him." (Reaching for second item.)

"Okay, it's clean." (Lays down. Pulls out next item.)

"Grandpa, all of the clothes in that bucket are Victor's." (Refolding.)

"Okay. This is Victor's too?" (Now pulling out and laying down clothes faster, since the shirts just flop right open as he picks them up.)

"Yes, they are all Victor's." (Picking up, folding.)

"They are all Victor's? Oh. Okay. You wash them for him, okay." (Puling faster! The pile is stacking higher and higher!)

"Okay. They are all clean though. I already washed them. Uh...Do you want the bucket?!" (Folding! Folding!)

"Okay. Yes. These are all Victor's and you will wash them for him." (Pull. Unfold. Hold up. Lay on bed.)

"Yes, I will take care of all of them for Victor. You can leave the rest there." (Trying to keep voice soft, cheerful. Inside my head: AAHHHHHRRRGGGG!!!! PLEASE! LEAVE! THE! BUCKET! ALONE!)

"Oooooookay! That's it! No more! Okay. You wash it for him." (Smiling, obviously very content that he has helped sort Victor's laundry. And that he has successfully reached the bottom of the bin.)

(Little sigh.) "Okay. Thank you. I'll take care of it for him." (Folding, slower.)

"Oh! Victor! She is washing all of your clothes! Have you seen my little jacket? I can't find it." (Victor just walked in the room. He looks at Grandpa. He looks at the clothes all over the bed. He looks at me with eyebrows raised.)

"I just brought your dad his laundry. His jackets are right here." (Smiling (smirking) and patting now dwarfed pile of Grandpa's actual clothes.) "He's helping me sort out your clothes now."

"Ohhhhhhhh." (Vic gives Grandpa his "little jacket" and helps him put it on so they can leave to go to doctor's appointment. They leave.)

(BIG SIGH...Inside my head: Oh thank goodness he didn't open my underwear drawer!)

Note to self: Clear out underwear drawer for the duration of his stay in our room.

I finished refolding and putting away all the "dirty" laundry, plus moved any other items that might cause irritation. I discovered he had already taken the liberty to commandeer another drawer, my side table drawer, which I was happy for him to use, but would have preferred cleaning it out myself. Especially since I later discovered a handful of items that he felt were worthy of disposal in the garbage. But not until I had emptied coffee grounds and other miscellaneous trash on top of them. Nice.

Back to the Bilibos

The kids had long since opened the delivery boxes and were well on their way to sensory satisfaction. They used them as rockers, and spinners. They quickly figured out how to turn them over and use them as stepping stones. Or balancing with a foot in each one. Balancing on just one. Using them as stools. Pushing them across the floor like race cars and see which color won. Zak even put Kit in one and pushed her around the house like she was a luge champion. She loved it. Nothing like a sensory seeking big brother to satisfy a little seekers thrill cravings. The last activity, sadly, must be squelched though, as our current flooring cannot survive that particular kind of abuse with out showing the skid marks. Too bad we don't live up north where they could do that in the snow, that would be AWWWWESOME!

Secret Bilibo Conference

Here's the specifics:

  • After much deliberation, we decided to go ahead and buy three. Great decision!

  • We choose the red, green and blue primarily because the other colors were significantly more expensive. Don't ask me why.

  • They are deliberately designed to be used however a child sees fit in any given moment.

  • They stack or nest nicely for storage or play.

  • They make fabulous helmets! Especially when Daddy and Kitty Kat wear them! Too, too cute!

  • Oh, and tomorrow, we are going to use them to make an obstacle course. It's going to be fantastic!


Back! No more folding, please!...


That's enough playing around! Gotta get back to the laundry! The real laundry. The actual giant blob of dirty laundry that is quickly expanding in my laundry room! (dreary sigh...) 

"Get back to work, laundry slacker!"


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