Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Officially Twisted

Every great story has a decisive, and usually challenging, plot twist. Well, we just got ours. Enter: Grandpa.

Moving In
In the midst of investigating the possibility of my kiddos having SPD, our family has also been deeply involved in the care of another family member with special needs.

The Plot Thickens...


Grandpa, Victor's dad, recently has had a rapid decline in health. Recent as in: three months ago was the first we became aware of a significant problem. Then it has quickly plummeted since then.

Physically he's quite healthy. The same, sadly cannot be said of his mental condition. He has just been diagnosed with moderate/severe Alzheimer's and severe Bi-Polar Disorder.

The second diagnosis was not all-together a surprise, but the intensity of a recent manic phase was. At the same time, the intensity and severity of his Alzheimer's also became glaringly apparent. It has resulted in huge, life altering, changes for all of us.

The Pot is Boiling!...Don't Stir!!

Throw in the inevitable financial woes of one who could no longer make reasonable financial decisions, and we have a BIG mess. The situation is so strange, so messed up, that nobody knows what to do or how to help. And of course, just when we thought things were better and finally headed in the right direction, it all unraveled.

Here's the short list:

Grandpa moved in today! (HUGE GASP!!) 

• We found out about this move-in two days ago. (WHAAATTTT?!?!?!?!

• No, I'm not kidding or exaggerating.

• No, we do not have room, we now have to build an additional bedroom w/ bathroom, a lot sooner than we had planned to do this.

• Yes, he is very ill and should be in a nursing home, but instead will be living with us for who knows how long.

• No, he will not take his medication which would make life much smoother for all of us.

• Thankfully, no, he is not violent. Stubborn and uncooperative, but not violent or abusive. (Yet?)

Even Teddy needs to spin sometimes!

Talk About Shock


The change is so massive, I can't even really wrap my head around it. It's as if I'm relating something that is happening in someone else' life instead of mine, or watching a movie trailer. I know there is a lot more that will happen, I just can't see it yet.

I'm sure this blissful ignorance-bubble will pop shortly though, and then the stress will probably hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm going to need every ounce of humor I have to maintain my sanity. Good thing I have my own comedy quartet living right here with me! My little hams always help me see the brighter side! =•P

Overload Imminent?

Wow, talk about an alternate reality. Two sensory seekers. A third who tries to keep up with the seekers even though she's not actually one, although she does have a few of her own challenges. Vic and I each with our own minor sensory issues, among other things. One very independent and stubborn grandpa with bi-polar and Alzheimer's and probably sensory issues as well, seeing as they are hereditary. Goodness, even our dog is extremely scared of loud noises, i.e. thunder or firecrackers!

We have the plot for either a really funny or really tragic movie. Let's aim for comedy gold, aye?!

Okay, going to try to go to sleep on the couch now since the only place to give him is our room until his is finished (2-3 weeks). Yup, me and Kit are on the sectional. She's in the corner, right above my head.

Yikes! Wonder how this is going to affect our lovely sleep issues... Maybe she'll suddenly start using her crazy mountain goat skills and start climbing INTO her crib! HA! That'll be the day. ;•D

Take it away, Baby...

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