Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Some Girl Time the (Grace)ful Way

Well, we had our first official ER visit.
And not with the either of the kids we would have expected.
It was Giddy Grace! Yup. Last night when she was dancing around the living room, Big Sister slipped, and fell backwards hitting her head on the hard floor. She cried, we hugged, and after a few minutes she was back to giggling.
When she came back in the kitchen a couple more minutes later I noticed a little blood in one nostril. She wiped it, and no more appeared. But I, of course, started googling.
Because it was so brief, and she was acting otherwise completely normal I took my normal wait and see approach. Aside from also getting bonked on her forehead by her brother's elbow, she seemed totally fine. No uneven pupils, dizziness, so I gave her ibuprofen for her head "that hurts on boff sides now!"
I checked on her several more times before she fell asleep. She was feeling better.
Then around 5:30 this morning she comes out of her room and says she threw up three times in a row. Daddy goes to check it out and is surprised by how much she threw up. That made my heart jump, so we threw on some clothes and she and I headed to the ER. She threw up again while she was getting dressed.
It was almost empty in the waiting room. Just two other people, and one was just waiting for someone. We hardly had to sit there at all. (It takes longer at the doctors office usually.) And the doctor came in right away.  Everyone was really nice.

He checked her all out, and said she would be fine. He didn't feel she needed xrays or a ct scan. Probably a minor concussion, but nothing to worry about. It likely affected her tummy because it was already sensitive from the stomach bug that she is still getting over. He told us what to watch for just in case, but said he's not worried. She might just have an extra sensitive tummy for a few days. And the nose bleed, he said, was just a coincidence, probably from being irritated by being sick, or the weather.
They gave her an anti-nausea chew which made her crinckle her nose as it dissolved under her tongue. And an RX for more as needed. She didn't even have to lay down on the bed!

Instead, we had an in depth discussion about fire alarms, and how we would get out of the room if there was a fire in the hallway just outside the door. (I have the weirdest coversations with my kids!) I can't imagine what the nurse thought when she walked in as I'm saying "...over our heads because of the smoke. Oh, hi." 
Yeah, we're not crazy at all.
Anyway, we were in and out in under an hour, and I think she probably brightened their morning with all her cuteness and that gorgeous smile!
We dropped the rx at Walgreens and picked her up a little prize for being such a good patient. She picked a paddle-ball.
Back home, and back to bed. But a much less worried Mama now. Whew!
Aside from the tummy ache she had while we were there, she liked it and had a good time. She even asked several times if I thought that her brother was going to be jealous, since he didn't even get to come.
I said he probably would be a little.
She suggested that maybe we should give him a candy to make him feel better about it.
I said sure, we could do that.
And as she watched the sun rising through the trees as we drove home, she giggled.


  1. I'm glad you took her to the doctor and had it all checked out - those same symptoms and events worried me, too. Luv u n see u soon! :-*

  2. That's a great track record as far as ER visits go!