Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Saying What We Mean

How many times have I uttered the phrase just this once.

But when I analyze that statement, when I am really honest with myself, I know that's not a truthful statement.

Really, all it is, is a desperate plea in the moment to restore things to my liking, routine, or expectations.

Honestly though, those are just words. Empty words.

I know this because what I really mean is from now on or from here on out or each time this happens.

Just this once seems good in the moment, diplomatic, but it doesn't do much for the long run. And I'm sure it's frustrating to the people we are saying it to. Because, really, they know we don't mean it either. They know what we really want is for them to do it this way always. To change.

And it overwhelms us because change is hard. And I think kids and adults alike are afraid to do something just this once, because inside we are afraid that it means we will be expected to do it from now on. Because so often, that is really what we mean when we say it.

So maybe, from now on, I will try saying what I really mean. And by stating what I really want, perhaps, I just might get it from those of whom I am asking it.

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