Monday, June 24, 2013

You Might Be A Mother When...

... you see your toddler is about to puke and you cup your hands under her chin to catch it.

... your toddler's diarrhea leaks out onto your lap, but you clean her up first.

... your not even grossed out by puke or poop anymore.

... you fully expect any projectile vomit to land squarely on you.

... a shower feels like a spa treatment. And clean clothes make you giggle when you smell them.

... you celebrate not having to wash her hair or yours for the fourth time in a single day.

... you actually go over the logistics of burning the couch instead of cleaning it.

... your lightning quick reflexes intercept and prevent any food item that isn't completely bland from entering her mouth.

... you walk around with a pot and towel like a bird of prey ready to strike any living thing that moves and catch any expelled bodily fluids. It's as if you can smell it. EVERYWHERE!

(As you probably gathered, we got hit with a stomach bug over the weekend. So far, only Kit has had it, but my gut tells me there's more about to emerge. Yes, pun intended.)


  1. Very funny! No doubt inspired by puke :-D

  2. Too true...and thank goodness we can laugh about it!