Monday, December 2, 2013

A Little Alphabitty

For several months now Kit has been passionate about the alphabet. And by passionate, I mean obsessed. I've actually seen her sign in her sleep!
At first it was just a few letter signs, over and over.
Then it expanded to obsessively watching the episode of Signing Time that teaches the alphabet. (Though she is obsessed with almost all of them, she does have intense favorites that she insists on for certain periods.)
Then she wanted me to sign it to her repeatedly. I wasn't allowed to speak at first, just sign. I guess she found my voice distracting as she was diligently concentrating on signing it with me.
Gradually, I was permitted to speak and sign.
When her speech started to reemerge in August, saying the letters as she signed was one of the only things she would consistently vocalize. I would say and sign the  letter, then she would say and sign it.
After only about three tries, she could say most of the letters on her own as I signed them.
This week, she has finally mastered the art of isolating her pinky in order for it to stand up on it's own. She is extremely excited about this and shows off her new skill by repeatedly forming the letters i and j, the words yellow, cow, and best if all the hand sign for I love you!  It is so adorable.
But this advancement in skill has also added new fuel to her zeal for speed-saying the alphabet! She now says and signs (mostly) the ABCs so rapidly that I can hardly sign fast enough to keep up with her! She has the entire thing memorized and can sign any letter upon request! She also sings the song, but thankfully at a much more leisurely pace.
A while ago I wrote about the different learning styles of my other two kiddos. And I concluded with this:
" And now, after knowing Kitty Kat for 18 months, I have come to be sure with no doubt that she will shock and awe us just like the others, but certainly with her own vibrant flare! She already does every day. Bring it on Baby, I'm ready for anything now!"
Ha! Truer words have scarcely been typed!
Yes, at the tender age of 26 months, my Kitty Bitty knows, signs and says ALL of her letters. And like her brother and sister, she's really done it almost entirely on her own, I really haven't "taught" her anything. That is pretty stinkin' cool!


Sorry, the face blur ended up blocking out most of her signing, but the sound is good. You can hear how much she loves LMNOP! :)


Shorter and you can see her signs better, and she says her colors too!

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