Monday, December 2, 2013

Busy Morning

Kit was full of surprises this morning.
1.) She brought me the hair box and picked out two pony tails asking me to put them in her hair! This is awesome. Last week was the first time ever that she tolerated her hair done for more than just a few minutes. But she kept them in for about four hours Tuesday night, through two car rides, and our entire weekly Bible Meeting. I actually has the great pleasure of asking her if I could take them out as we put on her jammies. That was a huge big deal! So today was equally exciting to have her requesting to have her hair done again. And she again wore it all morning, all the way to, during, and home from ABA therapy, playing outside, and I think she even fell asleep for her nap with them in! 

She looks so crazy adorable that I left them in even after she got toothpaste in her hair. Which leads me to...
2.) When I came out of the bathroom after getting home from ABA, I hear her sweet little voice from another room say, "I'm playing, Mommy." It took me a minute to figure out which room she was in. I found her in the kids room. Painting the bunk bed ladder with toothpaste. Nice. She was just as happy to help clean it as she had been to paint it, thankfully.  
But while I finished cleaning the rest, she decided she was in the mood for something else...
3.) She "volunteered" to feed the birds, all by herself. The birds seemed less than enthused.
So it was a welcome change when she asked to go swing. The weather was perfect.
Thank goodness for naptime. It's the only chance I've had all day to finally eat!

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