Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dance Practice

Classic pink, long legs in white.
She glides into position.
Chocolate hair, all braided tight.
Calm, her disposition.
First a leap, and spin she may.
Fingers in the middle.
A dainty skip, and soft sashay.
She nearly flys a little.
The kitchen soon becomes her stage.
Her spotlight, rays of sun.
Imagines dreams beyond her age.
And stories that are spun.
Her music only she can hear.
The lovely lilt of flutes.
As dancing shoes, her feet will wear.
A pair, of puddle boots!


  1. Wonderful poem. I love how it describes her - dainty and graceful, dancing to the beat of her own drum right down to the footwear. :)

  2. Great pictures too. Caught the movements so beautifully. Love the puddle boots! And very nice poetry, Mom!