Monday, August 18, 2014

Busy Bags: Deep Pressure Trucks

Bubble wrap and toy trucks. That's all this one is.

Except it's tons more as well!

For little kids like Kit, they might need help learning to push the trucks hard enough to pop the bubbles. But this is a great activity to promote large muscle building, to satisfy deep pressure input, to satisfy sound seekers, and to vent some frustrations as well.

I discovered that the matchbox cars don't seem to have enough clearance needed to get the wheels to pop the bubbles. But the trucks did much better. We are going to try monster trucks and our play dough rolling pins as well! 


  1. All around the table top
    Race-popping down the hallway
    Over the shelf and under the chairs
    Pop-Pop! We're on the Freeway!

    (Sung to tune of Pop! Goes the Weasel!)

    1. That's cute :) Thier own little theme song.