Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kitty Love

So over the last three plus months, Kit's relationship with Ivan the Cat has gotten a bit intense! 

We have been doing a lot of redirection and splitting the two of them up because of Kit squishing him with her whole body, and biting him.

Yes! The toddler is biting the cat! Repeatedly, everyday!

It's been a huge problem. Something that Miss V (Kit's OT) and I discuss at every visit. She gauges the kind of week Kit has had in major part by how much Kit has been squishing and biting the cat.

This cat is either incredibly loving and patient, or really dull in the head. Or maybe both. Either way, he is amazingly tolerant. Nevertheless, he is still a cat, and does eventually bite her back. 

For the safety of the cat and kids, we have spent a great amount of time and energy trying to break this sensory seeking cycle. And one of the things we did a couple of weeks ago was go on a kitty search.

Finally, at Toys-R-Us, we found him...

Meet Thunder! 

Kit snuggled him right into the crook of her arm and loved him right from the start. We went through many suggested names before she said "Yes!" and then actually used the name when referring to him.

Thunder's job is be Kit's friend no matter what. She can cuddle him, squish him, throw him, sit on him, and most importantly...bite him.

I can't say that it is only Thunder's presence that has lead to less friction between Kit and Ivan, but I really do think it has helped. She is biting Ivan a lot less. 

So we are all very glad.

Especially Ivan. 

Her furry BFF!


  1. There once was an Ivan the Biter
    So cautious he was around Dresses
    Who knew one day would come Thunder
    To release poor Ivan from stresses!

  2. What a great idea to get a stuffed kitty for her. Glad it has helped the situation and so cute that she loves her kitty so much. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme