Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chicken Coop

Yay! We finally finished the chicken coop!

We built the framework, and the hen house over a month ago. But due to schedules and weather, hadn't finished fencing in the run.

But we finally were able to get a load of sand, much of which went down on the floor of the run. Then put up the hardware cloth around the walls and installed the door to the run.

Now our chickies can freely go between their house and the run. They can exercise and visit and claw without worry of one slipping out of the yard.

We still let them out in the yard, nearly every day. But this way they have much more room for the days and times when they need to be more confined.

It came out so nice!

Can't wait till they start laying! Looking forward to going to visit my girlies and collecting our daily eggs!

The Chicken Chick


  1. Such a nice job..shade..air...sand..space..protection. Such healthy chickens!