Monday, August 11, 2014

Busy Bags: Glue Rubs

So this is a very easy, basically no cost, reusable activity for kids of varying ages. It requires only 3-4 basic supplies.

1. Any kind of liquid/school glue. I used white Elmer's, but gel glue probably works just as well, and I've read many posts about using hot glue as well. But this was really simple and I didn't have to dig out my hot glue gun.

2. Card-stock, index cards, or cardboard. (This is optional, but much more durable than putting the glue on plain paper.)

3. Crayons

4. Paper

Draw a design on the card-stock, keeping in mind that glue spreads, so keep it simple and roomy. 

Then go over outline with glue. I did this myself to save time and because my kids were all sleeping. But this can easily be done by big kids with decent motor skills, especially if the patterns are simple. 

I let them dry overnight, and even then a few places has run together and weren't quite dry by morning, but after a few more hours they were ready to go!

Grace was really excited about them and was asking all day to use them. She loved them! 

Kit had not napped and was not in the best of moods when she decided to join in the activity. That meant her patience level was not very high, nor was her frustration tolerance. That combined with toddler level coloring skills meant that she was not ready to manage on her own. She liked the idea, but couldn't manage keeping the paper in place over the rubbing and manipulating the crayon at the same time. But with my help holding the paper and helping guide the crayon, she was fascinated by the appearance of the images. Ultimately however, she was happiest when I gave her a sheet of stickers to add to her artwork.

Overall, I think it turned out to be a great activity. Kit will grow into it and will probably be more receptive to cooperating at a time when she is better rested. But this is easy and really mobile. And great for a very large age span. Zak was otherwise occupied, but even he would enjoy making a couple and experimenting with color effects.

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