Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Year of Hair and Sensory Processing Disorder

Hair issues. 

Seldom in the life of a girl are the firework fantastic hair days. But for a girl with sensory issues, those days are especially celebration worthy!

The last year has had many hair raising moments, but I'm so excited that as time has gone on and we have worked with Kit on sensory diet activities and sensory integration therapy, her number of good hair days has increased substantially.

Here is a photo overview of some of the ups and downs of a year of hair and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Her typical 'do', wispy and a bit wild!
This was the first time she wore and left in pig tails all the way through an outing! It was a very momentous event.
Back to wispy and wild.
This was a few weeks after we started doing reflex protocols and sensory integration work with Kit. She actually requested ''two pony tails" and picked out the colors she wanted and left them in all morning!
Getting longer! 
Another landmark day! That she allowed a style other than ''two pony tails" along with allowing her hair done was huge!
Absolutely phenomenal! I truly hadn't thought this would happen for years. Yes, bribery and lollipops were involved, but the result was fantastic regardless.
While it has occasionally been pointed out that shorter hair is often easier to maintain where sensory issues are involved, there is simply no way I can take a pair of scissors to these gorgeous ringlets! I wouldn't dream of it, nor would her daddy ever permit it.
More perfect curls!
When she asks for her hair done, I know it's going to be a great day!
But there are still more wild child days than perfect princess hair.
A lot more.
If she can't handle clothes, there is simply no touching the hair. Period.
She wanted "two flowers" this day. So she has a rose barrette on each side. It was adorable.
Crazy amazing!!
Untouchable once again.
Except by an insanely cute kitty cat bike helmet.
Kit's sensory sensitivity when it comes to her hair may make some days distinctively disheveled, but it also makes the moments that we do get to play hairdresser so so much sweeter. 

Do we have a secret to making hair more manageable while living with SPD?

Patience and good conditioner, in equal amounts.


  1. She looks adorable in all of the pics, no matter the hair style. My child with sensory issues is a boy so I don't have the pigtail issue here.

    1. Thank you! We think she's crazy adorable, too. :) Nice to meet another sensory mom! We also have a boy with SPD. No pig tails, but hair cuts are still an ordeal, even now at twelve years old. Hope yours tolerates those with ease. Thank you for coming by and sharing!

  2. Her hair has grown so much in this past year! And I have to say that the opportunities to do her hair are very special indeed. :-)

    1. Yes it has gotten so long, and those curls are just gorgeous! Glad you get some of those special moments, too. ♡

  3. Wow her hair is so long and beautiful. Love all the hair dos! I need to learn to do hair as MM is getting more of it. Thanks for linking up to Share WIth Me #sharewithme