Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Book Review: Mother's Love Can Conquer Any Fear

Another very neat book to tell you about! I received a free copy (pdf version) for the purpose of reading it and writing my honest review. So, here goes, ready or not...

Quick Overview: Life on the peaceful farm soon becomes heavy and fearful when a cruel crow becomes the barnyard bully. Despite their clever and laborious efforts to stop the crow, it seems his iron rule is simply the new way of life. The source of relief surprises even the chickens themselves! 

I really like that this story incorporates unique cultural elements while being completely relatable to any family. 

The illustrations of the chickens are so cute and colorful, and I like that the chickens are portrayed as clever, smart, and brave (because they have sort of been dumbed down in many books and movies). 

I would love to see an introduction page that lists the names, how to pronounce them, and significant meanings (if they have any). That, to me, would help me give my kids a richer experience with a culture they are far less familiar with than our own as we read together or on their own. 

Overall, a very nice story. One that especially would be great for any kind of discussions or study of Indian (or World) culture, especially focusing on family and values. 

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