Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Reading Roundup #4 - My Young Readers and Me

So here is just a few books the big kids and I have been reading lately. This is a very partial list, the highlights mainly. 

I got several books in the mail a couple of weeks ago from Amazon. The one below, is a fast moving, fun story about an average son of a superhero dad. Quin's dad is set on trying to "encourage" his sons powers to manifest themselves, while Quin is on a mission to survive adolescence and get his dad to accept him as he is. I read through it first and enjoyed it, now Zak is making his way through it and seems to be enjoying it as well.

Zak made his way through a few more Amelia books recently. Both he and Grace really enjoy these. 

They are both also big fans of the Dork Diaries series. 

While I was out of town on retreat, I was able to dedicate some serious time to pleasure reading. In the evenings I enjoyed slowly reading out loud some of these. I love how he describes nature as a character in his poems.

I also had time to finish the Divergent series. I really like the story, but Divergent was a little intense, especially several scenes that take place during training, so it was more violent than I prefer. The other three were less violent however, so aside from that complaint, I enjoyed the entire series. But I won't be handing them over to my twelve year old for a good long while.

Happy Reading!

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