Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby Kisses

WORDY WEDNESDAY will return next week. So today you get to see Kit meet her new cousin for the first time! She was full of hugs and kisses for him.
A couple weekends ago, we girls headed up to meet the newest member of our great big family. I was a little concerned about how Kit would react. Her history with babies hasn't always been very loving. She kind of likes to pull their hair. And any time I have ever held one around her, she gets very jealous.
Much to our delight, she was very smitten with her new cousin, and was very affectionate. She didn't mind me holding him at all, and was very interested in feeding him, all by herself. She kept pushing my hand away from the bottle. She liked to experiment by taking his bottle out, then popping it back in. He didn't seem to mind a bit. I was very happy to see her be so sweet and gentle.

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