Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Evaluation Day

Just a quick update. I'll have more specifics when I receive the official report in a few days.

Well, I'm disappointed, but not surprised. She currently doesn't qualify for services through Early Intervention. Like I had said before, they are qualifying based on delays.

She fell into the significantly delayed area of her verbal skills. But only mildly delayed in several other areas. And advanced in two areas. She must be significantly delayed in at least two areas to qualify, so she does not qualify at this time. 

They did the autism screening. A score of 17 or more indicates a risk. She scored a 24. So there is enough basis for further evaluation. And that is conservative because some of her behaviors are still typical for a 20 month old, or the questions didn't apply to her because she is still too young.

The good news is that when they send me their full report, it will include a list of practitioners who can do a more thorough diagnostic evaluation. If she were to receive a diagnosis, she would automatically qualify for Early Steps services. But most doctors don't like to officially diagnosis this young. So, I'm not expecting much.

They will also give me suggestions to keep working with her and they will check back in three months.  They were surprised at the number of signs that she knows and uses well, and said to keep that up as it can help establish verbal skills eventually.

Obviously, it's disappointing that she won't get immediate outside intervention. But, I'm glad that we will be getting a list of doctors and that they will be checking back to make sure she progresses. I wasn't really expecting more, just hoping.

Okay, ever onward.

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