Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fix-it Friday

I was soooooo close!
But of course hardware came between me and my goals.
When it came time to move Kit's bed in, Victor, understandably, wanted to reinforce the joint where the frame and legs meet. This needed doing, I know.
"Okay, but you have to hurry! I'm on a timeline here! And I'm running out quick!"
Victor is not one to be rushed when he is reinforcing, or...ever really. After he FINALLY finished, we go to move it in. HA!
Thwarted again. There is no way to get this thing through our sliver of a hallway and around the 9 million corners that are contained in the 14 feet between our living room and bedroom. Nuts!
Disassembly required. Victor finally gets the bed in the room, but of course discovers upon reassembly that now the joints where the frame connects to the head of the bed are not strong enough for an elephant to jump on and so also need to be reinforced.
So now it's 12:30, and I'm typing while he's bracing. And Kit is miraculously letting me. She is actually playing with toys! She is making a pony and mini-Barbie dance and she just made them kiss. Oh, she's done. She's bringing me a book now. Gotta go on an adventure with Dora and Boots now.
Bed's in!
Baby's asleep!
I'm done for the night! And thanks to Project Simplify, I got four big projects done this month!
Here are the final horribly embarrassing before shots of my bed whilst it was being used as the clean laundry depository, and the lovely after shots. (I am truly teetering on the verge of reducing everyone in this house to a wardrobe consisting of two sets of everyday clothes, two sets of dress clothes, and one set of pjs. Obviously, I have considered the actual logistics of this, and I still always conclude that even then no one else will be able to find clean underwear and we will still have 200 socks without mates! Ahhhhh!)
  Before :(
Nighty night everybody!

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