Thursday, May 2, 2013

Turtle Backs

I know I'm supposed to be publishing a Fix-it Friday today, and I will be.

I'm working on it.

I'm trying.

I promise.

I'm trying to reassure myself, not you so much.

I'm trying to tell myself to be patient.

That it's ok that I don't get everything done that I want to because I'm busy.

That there are a million different things pulling me in every direction.

That everybody has something they need, and they all need it RIGHT NOW!!!

Zak can't focus on his schoolwork because he is too busy thinking about cleaning out Victor's truck which if he doesn't get done TODAY means that he will not get as much when his dad goes to pay him for his monthly bundle of chores but of course he can't clean out the truck until he finishes his schoolwork which is editing a story about spiders which means he of course has to tell me the story about thinking he saw a black widow in the slide at the park so of course he didn't go down the slide which reminds him can we go to the park, oh yeah, not until he finishes his schoolwork and clean out Daddy's truck!

At the same time...

Grandpa is freaking out because his bathroom is cold and even though he turned on the heater in there it's not warming up the sink because the sink is still FREEZING when he touches it and every time he turns on the water it's cold even though when Victor tells him that of course it's cold because he's turning on the cold water that he knows that and that is not the problem because the problem is that he needs to go outside to the backyard but he can't because his outside shoes don't work even though Victor shows him the new laces he knows they won't work and when Victor finally just puts the new laces in the shoes they will never work because they are a little bit blue and not black and the shoes are unwearable until they have black laces because he can only go outside in his outside shoes with BLACK laces and have I read that second article that he gave me yet on salad bars that there was no hurry for me to read?


I'm now barricaded in the bathroom not because I have to use it but because I'm trying to wait until Victor gets Kit to sleep since she is exhausted and if she sees me it's going to take FOREVER for her to get calm and relaxed enough to finally fall asleep and I have to wait until she's asleep to FINALLY be able to get ANY work done in my bedroom which is my assignment to fulfill in order to be able to get my Fix-it Friday done and posted before midnight when Kit will finally settle down to sleep for the night I most desperately hope in our bedroom for the first time in FOUR MONTHS!!!!

I think Grace might be hiding too, haven't heard her voice out there in a little while.

So, while you all are patiently waiting, here are some cute pictures of Kit honing her balance and coordination skills in a little exercise I like to call Turtle Backs.

Yes, this is what she does for fun...


  1. :-D FunNy chaos!

  2. I have heard that one day we may look on these times fondly. In the meantime, life is CRAZY with little kids! Hang in they. Tomorrow is another day.