Sunday, February 9, 2014

3 for 30 Challenge Wrap Up

Well, I didn't actually get rid of 90 things in 30 days.

It took me 40!

I have continued adding to the piles and can now say that, though it took me longer than I had hoped, I DID FINISH!

Here is a run down of the twelve last challenge items/groups (I only had nine left to collect, but i gave myself a penalty of adding three more things!):

1.) 3 porcelain dolls that have been sleeping in a drawer for nearly a year for their own protection (two of which were already broken which is all the proof I need that we are not a porcelain doll family)

2.) My nursing pump.

3.) Broken and unused outside toys.

4.) Two old pillows that just lump up terribly when washed.

5.) Several school items that we had borrowed from my sister were returned.

6.) Old coloring books, full spiral notebooks, dried up markers, broken crayons, and pencils were thrown away.

7.) One baby gate.

8.) Cleaned out old and expired pantry items.

9.) Broken plasticware, lids with no containers, a few containters without lids.

10.) Broken, widowed, or otherwise unsuitable for wear earings and necklaces.

11.) Our old and outgrown or otherwise un-ridable bicycles.

12.) Several games that have too many missing parts to play anymore.

All totaled, we as a family have gotten rid of either by way of throwing away, giving away, or pawning away...HUNDREDS of individual items.

While some of these have been replaced with better functioning items, most were simply stored stuff that has been taking up space, both in our home and in my head!

I still have a long way to go to getting and keeping our home organized to our needs. But this challenge has given us a great jump start and helped clear the way for progress!

Now if you'll excuse me, I still have a few more drop-offs to make!

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