Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Oh the Places We'll Go...Bathroom Edition

So Victor and I actually got to go on a date night a couple weeks ago. Not a we're-going-grocery-shopping-without-the-kids kind of date night, but actual dinner in an actual restaurant! 

Then after dinner we stopped in at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, another place we do not go with our kids. Mostly, I was looking for the occasional kitchen helper that makes things a little simpler, and tidier. I found one of those in the way of a cookie sheet organizer, yay!

But then as we were perusing on our way to the register, a few bright colors caught my eye in the bath area. I raced over and pulled it all the way out, excitedly calling Victor over. 

"Look at this! This is so cool!!"

He only needed one look.

"That's awesome! We're getting that."

My hubby is a major geography and history nerd lover. He looks at maps for fun. He actually knows where everything is on a map. Even the tiny countries. Especially if they ever had anything to do with Egyptian history, Roman history, Greek history, World War I, World War II, Napoleon...you get the picture. He LOVES maps!

I love maps because maps represent places. And I love going places. Maps represent potential adventures. And I love a good adventure, as long as I have a good map!

We have a drawer full of maps. A big one on our living room wall that Victor and Zak take down from time to time and make their own civilizations on with wet erase markers. We have a world map place mat. A world map Scentsy warmer. An old, slightly out of date world atlas that we simply can't get rid of because they are too hard to find at a reasonable price, and so we just point out the updates. And we just finally updated our Atlas of North America after most of the pages in our old one finally fell out.

How oddly appropriate that we should also have a shower curtain that sports a Countries of the World map. There was even a surprisingly long conversation about whether it should go inside so we can see it while showering or facing out. 

Don't fight your family's weirdness. I say, just go with it. Sometimes weird ends up awesome!!

Yes, Kit is closing the lid of the toilet while Grace points out Antarctica.

I have a little thought bubble in my head of my kids someday, mostly grown, and stating with great amusement that they learned geography in the bathroom! 

"Whenever we didn't know where a country was, my parents would always tell us, 'Go look in the bathroom!"


And as for Victor, well...we may never get him out of there ever again!

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