Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Being Best Friends

What is a best friend?

It's the one who wakes up thinking about you, and then let's you know that by sitting on the other side of the baby gate meowing for you to get up so you can snuggle and play together.

It's the one that greets you with happiness so loud it sounds like a motor humming away. 

The one that wants to spend all his free time hanging out with you...

The one that knows all your inside jokes.

Likes to visit and hang out on cold mornings.

Is always game for hide and seek.

Or building a clubhouse.

Or dumpster diving.

Or doing a little shopping!

It's the one, when you dump blueberry yogurt on his back... like, "it's ok Boo, it's my favorite flavor."

It's the one who'll watch the same movies with you over and over.

It's the one that you fight with, but always comes back, no hard feelings.

It's the one that's with you when you make most of your mischief.

It's the one who makes you giggle.

It's the one that makes you cry, and then shares a hug, and then makes you giggle again.

And the one who's in almost every story with you cuz you have all your adventures together.

The one that loves you for who you are, and misses you when you're gone.


That is what a best friend is!


  1. What a lovely vignette of your Kit and her Kittie!

  2. Best story ever! So cute. :D