Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10-Thing Tuesday

Stress makes me very grumpy.

And we have had a freight train of stress around here for the last month! So I've not been the most companionable individual of late. And since Murphy's Law seems to rule the roost lately, I'm convinced that it will probably get worse before it gets better.

So I have decided to try to preemptively take action to try and keep from having a stroke or complete mental break. One if the ways I do that is to make lists.

Not just any lists, but positive, forward moving, motivating lists. Specifically giving myself the assignment of starting off with a requirement of ten bullet points. Then if I think of more as I go along I can continue, but at least ten.

The most common time for me to utilize this technique is either after Vic and I argue, or when our stubborn strong personalities are feeling more divisive than unifying.

But I also employ it when I've had an especially rough day/week/month with the kids and I'm feeling like I really don't even like these people, even though they are MY people!

It can really help me readjust my perspective, and start to appreciate all the gems that adorn my life!

There are so many things to appreciate, and I shouldn't just wait until I'm burnout or angry to count my blessings. If it makes me feel good when I'm upset, maybe if I practice it when I'm not, it might help keep me from freaking out at all. Or at least less.

So, at least twice a month, I'm going to make a 10 Things List. I encourage everyone to give it a try! Bringing down those stress hormones is good for everybody!

Here is today's:

10 Things I Love About My Sensory Seekers

1.) When they are happy, they are gut bustingly gleeful! It's impossible not to smile when they are happy.

2.) Everything with them is an adventure just waiting to happen.

3.) They LOVE bear hugs, blowing raspberries, and tickle/wrestling fests!

4.) They see life differently, with less fear than me for the most part.

5.) They like surprises!

6.) They are inventors.

7.) They are determined!

8.) They notice things I don't, like how awesomely oranges squish between your fingers and squirt out the juice.

9.) They don't notice things I do, like my hair not being washed for three days, they still tell me I'm pretty :)

10.) They LOVE us just the way we are, unconditionally!

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