Thursday, February 7, 2013

Naked Day

Today was a naked day for Kitty Bitty.

Well, not all day. There was a solid chunk between 1 and 5 where she wasn't constantly pulling on her clothes and trying to pull off her diaper. She only yelled at me a few times then in protest of her clothing. And several more times in protest of my insistence of wearing a bra and shirt which clearly interfere with her desire to have me at her beck-and-sip.

She would nurse ALL day if I allowed her. Every time she crawls into my lap she tries to pull my shirt up or down, whichever provides easiest access to the goods. She especially likes to try to have a little milk with her cookie or graham cracker! Yeah...Eww! I discourage these particular sip sessions, though we will otherwise likely continue nursing as long as we are both happy.

She has crossed a HUGE nursing bridge though. She now falls asleep better and faster with Daddy holding her in the recliner than she does either nursing or just sitting with me! I'm only a little brokenhearted about it.

The truth is it's quite freeing to not be able to be in the room as she falls asleep most of the time. It permits me to do other, non-disturbing things, like fold laundry (boring but necessary), sometimes clean the kitchen (if I'm really quiet), or indulge in reading, studying, or blogging (now that's what I'm talkin' about!). So therefore I'm not all that beat up about her new Daddy-time. 

Back to Naked Day

At any rate, Kit spent major portions of the day in just a diaper, and trying to escape from that, especially during diaper changes. She has started throwing some nasty fits during her diaper changes. :(
She did finally settle on an article of clothing she would tolerate though. 
Grace's dance skirt.
And of course she was adorable in it. And full of all kinds of mischief!

"Look what that baby did, Mama!"

After all, toilet paper off the roll is all the rage with the under-three set! Especially when executed in the most stylish outfit of the season. 

Thanks Kit, for bringing our household into baby-vogue, EVERYDAY!

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