Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rock-a-Cry, Baby!

Plenty to throw,
No one to clean it up but me.
So much to scream about,
Too many feelings to hurt if i do.
Too many tears,
From the inside-in.

Drive away,
Park farther.
Find the rock and turn up the volume.
Heart, beat faster.
Catch up to it,
The drums,
Electric riffs.
Pulse and rhythm become one.

Close my eyes,
Let the ballads play.
Let them cry out in song,
That which is trapped inside, me.
Let it rain,
Let it pour,
Until the flames extinguish.

Sweeter than wine,
No buyers remorse,
Just good speakers and melancholy,
even in a minivan,
No dress code,
No calories,
Love that rock-n-roll therapy!

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