Monday, February 11, 2013

Communication Vacation...

Scene: Victor and I are siting at the kitchen table. Who knows where the kids are? Probably doing something that is going to make me have to remind myself to breathe. Wherever they are, the main thing is - they are not currently in here, and we are milking that!

Me: I'm worn out! I would like it if we could schedule one night a week that I don't have to cook, nor be in any way responsible for preparing food.

Vic: Okay. What night do you want to not cook nor in anyway be responsible for preparing food?

Me: Fridays!!

Vic: No problem. Fridays it is.

Me: Great!

Vic: Uh, you know today isn't Friday, right?

Me: It's not?

Vic: No, it's Monday.

Me: Huh. Well, I'm not cooking tonight either.

Vic: Okay. Thanks for telling me.

Me: No problem.

Bon Appetit!

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