Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10-Thing Tuesday

10 Things I Love About Homeschooling!

1.) We can wear our pajamas! (No uniforms to buy and wash!)

2.) We get to sleep in almost everyday (compared to 6am for most of the kids we know!)

3.) Sometimes our schoolroom gets moved outside for the day. Zak can do word problems in the fort, while Grace practices reading on a blanket on the grass (while Kit mows the grass with her mouth!).

 She's 5 months old in this picture from so long (a year) ago, we start our kids on lawn maintenance young!

4.) We can take field trips anytime we want.

5.) Zak (10) and Grace (6) can do the same lesson together for science, history, geography, and a few others.

6.) They can sculpt with clay or putty while they listen to me explain about the pyramids, or glue cotton balls and glitter while we explore the asteroid belt.

7.) I know what my kids are eating all day (no mystery meat), and the pb&j never gets soggy.

8.) Zak can decide if he wants to bounce on the exercise ball, hula-hoop, or jump rope while he orally spells out his spelling words to me. He get's about 17-18 right out of twenty the first time consistently when we do it this way because his whole body is focused on each letter.

9.) Grace can copy three sentences, then practice subtraction or color a compass rose, then copy three more sentences instead of blanking out and melting down.

10.) We've never had tears on the first day of school, just kids and Mama bursting with excitement at all our new stuff for the year!

Zak tying Grace to the slide during "recess".

Our little damsel in distress!
(these were taken really fast through the screen of my kitchen window, quality isn't great, but they are still hilarious!)

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