Friday, February 1, 2013

Grandfatherly Wisdom

About two weeks ago we borrowed the Broadway musical Cats from the library. We put it on to watch as a family. I will say that, honestly, this is not my favorite musical, but I enjoy watching it every five or ten years or so. The kids were mostly unimpressed. But, how can I say this? Well, he HATED it! I mean despised it. 

He thought it was the most ridiculous waste of brain activity possible. (I am summarizing what I was able to pick up from his mumblings which were mostly in Spanish, so this isn't a direct translation.) He was shaking his head, rubbing his forehead, and finally, just got up and left the room.

Later after it was over, he said again something about not being able to believe that anyone would pay money to make, much less watch, such rubbish. (Again, I'm summarizing.)

He had similar things to say about The Muppets (gasp!), and The Cosby Show (Say WHAT!).

So you can imagine how my jaw dropped when he sat down on the couch today to watch the mid-day news and asked: "So you think, later, I can watch this one...American Idol?"

I think my eyebrows probably raised so high they lifted off my face!

"You want to watch American Idol?"

"Si. Si. It's on now?"

"No, not right now. But I do think it comes on tonight."

"Okay, tonight. I watch this American Idol."

Then, at least four more times today, he asked what time it was and when American Idol would be on.

And he did watch it, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it!

Uhhh...Okay, Grandpa. But tomorrow...we're watching Show Boat.


  1. Grandpa and I will watch together!

  2. Enjoyed it, good title

  3. I'm there for "Show Boat!"