Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10-Thing Tuesdays

Grandpa has been living with us for a little over two months now. We have good days and bad days, and sad days, and funny days. He has developed somewhat of a routine, and we are still trying to coordinate and reorganize ours to accommodate his.

There have been some very endearing moments.

For example one day Grace stopped Grandpa before he threw the newspaper away and told him that she wanted to save the comics for Zak because he likes to read them. Ever since then, every day, Grandpa carefully cuts out the comics and saves them for Zak to read.

And it's really cute when Kit will position herself between his feet and drape her arms over them as she watches the tv.

Gradually, we have started to learn what he means when he says certain things, or at the very least how it pertains to how we are to react.

Many times all we need to do is smile, or agree and go ahead and keep doing what we need to do. Sometimes we get frustrated, like when he throws away things that aren't trash, or when no explanation will help him understand.

And other times, we see the humor or charm, and we chuckle as we relate our days adventures of living with Grandpa.

So for today's installment of 10-Thing Tuesdays here are:

My 10 Favorite Sayings From Grandpa

1.) "I never touch anything!" - always uttered with great emphasis, which is why we try to put everything we'd really rather him not touch completely out of sight

2.) "I've had this for years." - often about the item belonging to one of the children that he has usually found on the floor in the last day or two

3.) "Micky Mouse movie" - his phrase uttered in disgust to describe any show or movie that he doesn't like because of fictitious elements or juvenile content

4.) "The Medium One" - his phrase for Grace

5.) "The Little One" or "This Little Lady" - his phrase for Kit, often accompanied by #6

6.) "She is okay now? She's not crying anymore?" - grandpa does not like it when she cries, regardless of it being sad, hurt, mad, or meltdown; Kit crying makes him very anxious

7.) "We need to buy bananas!" - despite there being four bunches in the fruit baskets, Grandpa can never have too many bananas in the house

8.) "I will tell you something..." - yes, he's going to, and it is probably going to take at least thirty minutes, and it's definitely NOT a two way conversation

9.) "I know you are very busy, but..." - while completely genuine, this one is also completely imperative, and he only becomes anxious and aggitated as he waits; his day will not progress until whatever favor he's asking for is fulfilled, so I've learned to respond quickly to this one

10.) "Aye, mi cabeza!" - exclaimed even if he thinks that Kit is getting near enough to snatch his hat off and smack him on the head or pull his hair, which (insanely) happens a lot; at least she tries to, but he's gotten quicker at protecting himself, or else he has developed a very suspicious twitch whenever she is on the couch near him!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

"I'll see you're five, and raise you twenty."

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  1. I love how you look for the humor in everyday situations. I think we have to find humor in things in order to keep going sometimes. Your grandpa sounds like a real character. I wish I still had mine. Even though I'm sure it presents its challenges, it's so nice that your children can get to know him and spend this time with him.